Who We Are

George Podger (Director)

Build My Design is a team of architects, planning consultants, project managers, and trades-people that work collectively under one roof to provide a turn-key solution for all your construction needs. The company is directed by George Podger who manages all projects and new client enquiries. He hand picks each team to ensure our rigorous standards are maintained.

The founders of Build My Design have been developing property in London for over 20 years. Initially Build My Design was setup to operate as a small entity which employed a select group of skilled trades people to carry out repairs, maintenance and small construction projects on a portfolio of properties in South West London.

Today Build My Design employs many of the same Tradespeople that have been with the company from day one. As they have expanded they have taken on many more workers but have reinforced the high standards expected by clientele, only employing reliable and trustworthy individuals with the same values. Due to the growth of staff and indeed to keep the work force busy, Build My Design have been successfully carrying out projects for other developers and homeowners for the past 8 years.

This has worked well for all parties and Build My Design are showing no sign of pulling in the reins. They continue to grow with every project that’s completed and excellent recommendation that follows. They are not far off becoming the leading home extension specialist in South London. If they continue at this rate they will surely be the top extension company in South London by 2020. Watch this space!

"This year I have worked 20 years for Build My Design, will I get some China?!"

Pawel, Carpenter