Party Wall Agreements

Don’t leave party wall agreements to the last minute they could take months to put in place and can be very costly if you get it wrong. These agreements are in place to ensure the condition of neighbouring properties are recorded prior to construction starting to avoid claims for existing defects. It also gives those carrying out works right of access to legally trespass on the neighbours property in order to carry out the works. It provides provisions for dealing with damage caused during construction without the need for a civil claim. It provides assurance that the property won’t be compromised during construction and that the works are carried out without unnecessary inconvenience.

A party wall agreement is required if you want to dig within 3m horizontally of the neighbours foundation and below the bottom of their foundation. You will also require one if you want to dig within 6m horizontally and below a 45 degree line downward from the bottom of their foundation (very deep foundation i.e. basement)

Unfortunately, you will have to pay all the surveyors fees for each neighbouring party wall if you are carrying out the work. This usually costs around £1,200+VAT for a single award. If the neighbour wants to use their own surveyor the cost effectively doubles.