Planning Permission

Extending out from the original rear wall of the property, as it stood in or prior to 1948, by up to 8m on a detached and up to 6m on a semi or terrace is classed as permitted development for single storey extensions. However, this is subject to the neighbour consultation scheme which requires the owner to submit an application for prior approval to the council. This has a standard 8 week determination period. Any comments received on the application will be considered by the council and assessed in much the same way as a normal application. It is therefore best to discuss your plans with neighbours and get them on side as they could jeopardise your project. A 3m extension on the other hand is not subject to the prior approval process, so you can start without delay.

Side extensions are covered under permitted development rights but they must be no more than half of the width of the original building, single storey and have a maximum height of 4m.

Two storey extensions can extend out from the original rear wall by a maximum of 3m, so long as it is at least 7m away from the rear boundary of the property.

Loft conversions are covered under permitted development rights and you don’t need to make an application up to a maximum size of 40m3 for terraced houses and 50m3 for semi-detached or detached houses.

Outbuildings of any size and shape can be constructed under permitted development as long as they are behind the front elevation of the original dwelling and take up no more than 50% of the land surrounding the original house.

There are a number of other adjustments you can make to your property under permitted development rights such as building a porch (up to a maximum of 3m2), installing roof lights or dormer windows, new doors or windows, removing internal walls and other internal changes.

However councils have the power to restrict permitted development rights in sensitive areas under an Article 4 direction and in conservation areas permitted development rules don’t apply. The permitted development rules are limited by a minefield of clauses that homeowners should seek professional advice on prior to carrying out any work. We would be more than happy to take a look at your project and advise on what is possible. Contact us using our handy form or call us on 020 3844 5829.