Price my refurbishment. Are you looking for a refurbishment quotation? We take on refurb projects regardless of size as long as they are in or around the London area, preferably within the M25.

How to price my refurb? The best way to price a refurb is to request a site visit from one of our experienced members of staff. They will calculate the total floor area of the works and give you a cost per m2. We always ask the client to provide fixtures and fittings as they can vary considerably in specification and cost. However, we always include the cost of fitting in our prices.

How much will my refurb cost? It really depends on the extent of refurbishment and age of the property. The difference in cost to plaster over exposed brickwork or skim over plastered wall or strip wallpaper and plaster are huge. Generally, refurbishment costs are typically in the region of £650-850/m2. New build costs on the other hand are typically around £1,800-2,000/m2.

What is under my wallpaper? Stripping wallpaper a nightmare? Wallpaper contains dangerous materials? Fire safety was once a big concern with wallpaper manufacturers. Prior to the knowledge that breathing in asbestos can lead to a number of fatal diseases, it was frequently used as a fire retardant in the wallpaper. This continued from around 1930 to 1999 when white asbestos was eventually banned in the UK. If you are in any doubt please do ask our experienced team using our handy contact us form or call 020 3844 5829.